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Stock Funds


Provides long-term growth potential

Access to companies across the globe

A range of funds-including domestic, international, and sector specific

Investor Profile

Need the growth potential of stocks to achieve long-term goals

Can withstand price volatility

Bond Funds


Emphasizes regular income

Offers access to bonds issued in the united States and round the world

A broad range of funds investing in U.S. Treasury, high yield, municipal, and international bonds

Investor Profile

Want to generate income

Are in a higher tax bracket, seeking tax-free income

Want to reduce the volatility of a stock-heavy portfolio

Can tolerate price fluctuations

Target Date Funds


A one-stop approach to retirement investing

A mix of stocks and bonds that adjusts to and through retirement

Seeks to thoughtfully balance retirement risks

Investor Profile

Plan to retire close to a certain year

Want a convenient fund-of-funds solution

Want an investment that becomes more conservative as retirement approaches

Asset Allocation Funds


One-stop approach to investing

Broadly diversified stock, bond, and balanced funds

Designed for a range of investor risk profiles

Investor Profile

Want to invest in a diversified portfolio in a single investment

Want access to a wide range of investments in one mutual fund

Money Market Funds


Lowest-risk mutual fund investment

Strive for preservation of capital

A range of taxable and tax-free funds

Investor Profile

Have short-term investment goals

Prefer price stability over return potential

Want quick access to savings

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